Soul-Nourishing Days

Designed specially for you......


This soul-nourishing experience is designed to be the beginning of a new chapter in your life story or awaken the next step in your current chapter. We are always rewriting our chapters along the way as we are always a magnificent work in progress.

Ceremony is step on your journey where you set clear intentions for something to change…. to embrace something new or look at something with fresh eyes and a loving open heart…. and to release attachment to old stories so that you create sacred space within your life in which to embrace the new…..

Your Goddess Day will begin with a cuppa of Goddess tea or Crone tea, created by a naturopath specially for my Goddess & Crone work…. or a deliciously local made chai, some homemade cake and a discussion about the experience ahead, the power of ceremony and my readings and soul signatures. I will show you the various spots here you might like to sit in quiet contemplation… perhaps overlooking Mt Buller if the weather is kind.

Choose from a ½ hour Claircognizant Reading, a personalised ceremony and a walk in the Labyrinth OR a Claircognizant Reading, a Healing and a walk in the labyrinth OR a Past Life Reading, a Chakra Balance and a walk in the labyrinth.

This time together is about discovering the beautiful threads that present themselves as a theme unfolds…..

We will finish the session with a discussion on how the threads from your experience weave together to create something beautiful and tangible…. to guide you on the next chapter of your journey…


NOTE: Bookings available for on most days…..

If The Goddess and/or the Crone is whispering to you….’it’s time’….then contact me by filling in the contact form and we will begin a lovely Goddess journey…….

‘Thank you so much again for our wonderful Goddess day on Saturday. I’m really blown away by how good I’m feeling now. My heart is wide open and I’m feeling contentment that has always eluded me previously. The process of setting intentions prior and bringing that energy along on the day and into ceremony was really powerful. You have a beautiful property and have created a lovely setting with the labyrinth, and the stone circle, not to mention the views!

I would love to also experience what we had on Saturday with my partner and I was wondering if you would be open to ceremony that includes men? I know your work is for women and goddess based, but could you do something that’s tailored for a couple?’

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