The Goddess path e-Program




… honours THE GODDESS ~ the Earth Mother in her seasonal faces. The Winter Goddess, the Spring Goddess, the Summer Goddess and the Autumn Goddess as well as a cultural Goddess and your inner Goddess.

The beauty around us reflects the true beauty that is in our own heart & soul.

The nurturance of the Earth Mother for ALL her children is shown through her changing faces.

She nourishes you with bountiful harvest in Autumn. She showers you with abundance in the spring rains and blossoming trees. She encourages you to seek out your inner reflections in the cold of winter and she ignites your passions in the heat of summer.

This five week email program will encourage a deep connection withTHE GODDESS ~ the Earth Mother in all her facets, the faces she shows us through her seasonal changes. In week one I will be sending out information and exercises for the Winter Goddess as the Earth Mother. Over the first four weeks we will cover the four seasons and how you can work with the different faces of the Earth Mother as Winter Goddess, Spring Goddess, Summer Goddess and Autumn Goddess.

Meditations, ceremony, dreams, colour and more! A lovely journey to connect with the Goddess within!

In week Five you work with your inner Goddess. THE GODDESS shines in many forms and this is my way of encouraging your connection with her.

Investment : $236.00

Delivered by PDF and offering email support along the way!


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