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22 + Years Experience

A Claircognizant Reading – with Jude Downes is the overview of the things happening and what I can see coming into your life, your soul purpose and the blocks holding you back from achieving your goals. A powerful reading to guide you on your journey. A reading can assist you to gain clarity in your life and empower you to take your next step….. Zoom to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD……  or In Person in the High Country of Victoria…….. or Phone.

We are very much in changing times now and the energy of the moment is intense as we move with the changes coming to us.


‘Goal Oriented Mentoring with a Difference’


A snapshot of what people are saying…………


‘The first time we met was in Warburton at The circle of Stones when you did my very first reading, when I was 21. That was my first introduction to spirituality and started me on my path of self discovery and looking inward for the answers that I was seeking instead of to others. Every reading that I’ve had with you has helped me in a time when I was struggling to find my way and struggling to understand myself and where my place in this world is.You have taught me much and shown me a different way of seeing things and I always feel like you’re there for me whenever I need some help and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks for everything Jude, you’re awesome!’ Taisen

‘Jude what a powerful reading and I actually wept when you spoke about …………
…..I will read it over and over again as it was quite a lot to digest…… Sandy

‘It blew me away! Spirit certainly know their stuff – but you are incredibly gifted in being able to communicate that!’ Peta

I have been reading Jude’s post for over a year, I never search them out, but when I need to hear a message she always seems to be at the top of my feed. Just three days ago, overwhelmed and filled with fog in my mind, I made my forst appointment for a healing and reading. I wish I had of done it sooner. Spun out, yet genuinely verified in the trust that I had put into my gut feeling that she could help me lift the fog and clear my head and heart space. And that she did. 5 star I loved it does not equate my feelings. I needed it. And I got exactly what I needed. I needed the unbalance that was everything bought back into place, and the fog to clear. Everything from the anxiety I felt on my way, from the moments first words of her reading, with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. I arrived a completely different person to who I was when I left. Which was not exactly what I had anticipated, but clearer, lighter, and content. Highly recommended does not capture my experience. If you feel clogged up. Not sure what it is or why. Or know what it is and not know where to start or what to do, Jude will help shift the fog blocking your judgement in order to better decisions, make better judgement, and has a space worth the drive to see and feel. Marnie

‘Wowsers! LOL I expected the tough love though and that is what I wanted. Thank you so very much! You and spirit have given me a needed perspective shift.’ Kim

From personal experience, Jude’s readings are amazing. She’s spot on and to the point, pin-pointing things only a genuine clairvoyant could possibly know. I totally endorse Jude as a reader and encourage anyone thinking of having a reading to consider booking one with her. ⭐️⭐️ Scott Alexander King

‘Thank you so very very much Jude smile emoticon Amazing as always and so much info to take in.’ Sally

I have been getting readings and doing workshops with Jude for several years now she has become my unofficial business and life advisor ! Whenever I feel myself doubting and questioning my life path I get a reading with Jude and feel inspired, motivated and joyful! it still blows my mind when what Jude delivers in her readings comes into fruition – thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with me… Skye

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