Seed your Dreams;
Live your Goals

 ‘EMPOWERING women to empower themselves…….. to take a SEED of a dream, goal or idea and nurture it into creation.’



‘When you work with GATEWAY TO THE WISE ONES and DREAMING THE GODDESS, you are sowing seeds of light in order to nourish and nurture your dreams, your goals, your ideas into creation. You are working energetically to create transformation in one or more areas of your life.’

MY way of teaching and sharing is through soul nourishment in my programs, my ceremonies and healing work and writing and talks ~ being a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER who encourages others on their journey to create the life of their dreams. I am a ‘HEALER WITH WORDS’, an author and creator of Goddess workshops and Retreats and Ceremonies for Transformation and Gateway to the Crone Gatherings and Rites of Passage Ceremonies…… . My journey is one of nurturing others to HEAL old stories, CREATE sacred space within themselves, WRITE a new chapter or rework a current chapter and fly higher than ever before as they create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

For more than twenty years, I have created my own unique ceremonies, workshops and programs that are interactive and fun whilst encouraging you to awaken to your soul journey and engage with your soul even further.

SOUL NOURISHMENT is just as important as physical, mental and emotional nourishment. Soul is the seat of your intuition and your best guide to help you traverse life’s journey.

Come on a journey with me and nourish YOUR soul!

Seed your Dreams; Live your Goals


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