Seed your Dreams;
Live your Goals

 Encouraging EMPOWERMENT to take a SEED of a dream, goal or idea and nurture it into creation.’

‘When you work with DREAMING THE SEED, you are sowing seeds of light in order to nourish and nurture your dreams, your goals, your ideas into creation. You are working energetically to create transformation in one or more areas of your life.’

Bring back the dreamers, the mystical, the imagination, the unknown and sometimes unknowable. Bring back the wisdom, the storytelling, the truth and the integrity of who we are as children of The Goddess……. Bring back the magic, the innocence, the joy and laughter. Bring back the Goddess within…the reflection of The Goddess, the Earth Mother…..she is there, she is here…..she lives in you……. Will you deny her or embrace her??

When will we look into the deep clear pools of life to discover our truth…when will we listen to the directional winds as they whisper their wisdom into hearts willing to listen ….when will we sit upon the earth in solitude…with all the time in the world at our fingertips…. to feel our heartbeat become one with The Goddess………when will we gaze into the flames of raw passion and ignite the spark within for something dear to us……

When we embrace the Divine Feminine within us all….that’s when….When we reject time frames and not measure our spiritual connectedness in time increments (you know….the ones that say we can sit in nature for this long and then we have an appt……). When we are willing to trust our connection with the earth rather than man-made constructs….that’s when…… when our intuition is the overriding factor in decision making…..when we allow our need and our guidance to roar with powerful, clear and beautiful intent….that’s when……when we are no longer the shadow….but the light….that’s when……

Small steps win…….. (A message from The Goddess)

Come on a fabulous journey here in the High Country……. GODDESS DAYS IN THE HIGH COUNTRY! Would you like me to create a one-on-one Womens Goddess package just for you?

Your Goddess Day will begin with morning tea and a discussion about ceremony and the day ahead, a walk in the Labyrinth under the gum trees and overlooking the mountains in the East…..Sit in the South at Guardians Gate overlooking Mt Buller and quietly  meditate…. Enjoy a light vegetarian lunch with me by a warm toasty fire…. We will enter the Circle of The Goddess for sacred ceremony…….…… and take a guided meditative journey with me to receive personal messages from The Goddess about your direction…… We will finish the day with discussions of how the threads of the day weave together to create something beautiful and tangible….. OR…. let’s create a mini Goddess day….. such as morning tea with me…… a 1/2 hour reading and a 1/2 hour chakra balance/healing and a walk in the labyrinth….

I LOVE writing/creating…… and I love this mountain and the sacred spaces we have created here……I love Earth energy work…… It is deep and rewarding…….. Visit the Goddess Days page for details!


MY way of teaching and sharing is through soul nourishment in my programs, me ceremonies and my healing work and my writing, talks ~ being a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER who encourages others on their journey to create the life of their dreams. I am a healer with words, an author and creator of Goddess workshops and Retreats and Ceremonies for Transformation. My journey is one of nurturing others to HEAL old stories, CREATE sacred space within themselves, WRITE a new chapter or rework a current chapter and fly higher than ever before as they create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Over the past twenty years, I have created my own unique ceremonies, workshops and programs that are interactive and fun whilst encouraging you to awaken to your soul journey and engage with your soul even further.

SOUL NOURISHMENT is just as important as physical, mental and emotional nourishment. Soul is the seat of your intuition and your best guide to help you traverse life’s journey.

Come on a journey with me and nourish YOUR soul!

Seed your Dreams; Live your Goals


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